Name Last Updated Download
Brochure 11APGGC191 Jan 2019 Download
1. ZHANG QIFU (Progress and Development of China’s Steel Industry and Galvanizing Industry )28 Jul 2019 Download
2. Dr. Taweep Chaisomphob(Current Situations and Future Directions of Hot-dip Galvanized Structural Steel in Thailand)28 Jul 2019 Download
3. L. Pugazhenthy(An outlook for The Indian General Galvanizing Industry)28 Jul 2019 Download
4. Nagis Banu (Zinc Protect Steel from Corrosion in the Segment of Oil and Gas)28 Jul 2019 Download
5. Kuan Fu Lin (Provincial Highway9 (Jinlun to Duoliang Section) Coastal Viaduct Corrosion-Proof Construction)28 Jul 2019 Download
6. Vincent Hwang(Galvanising Transmission & Telecommunication Tower in Malaysia)28 Jul 2019 Download
7. James Molony (Innovation in Furnace Design)28 Jul 2019 Download
8. Manfred Schell (Pre-treatment Enclosure A Key Element in A Modern Galvanizing Plant)28 Jul 2019 Download
9. Rob white (Optimizing the Compromise in Galvanizing Furnaces)28 Jul 2019 Download
10. Dai Nobui (Advance Furnace Technology to Survive in The Tough Ever-Changing Business Environment)28 Jul 2019 Download
11. Roth Phillip (Smart Galvanizing Factories - The Key to Industry Sustainability)28 Jul 2019 Download
12. Lan Tian (Smart-Fire Control & Management System for Hot Dip Galvanizing Production Line)28 Jul 2019 Download
13. Claire Hassal(Global Zinc Market Outlook)28 Jul 2019 Download
14. Edric Koh (Managing Zinc Price Risk on The LME)28 Jul 2019 Download
15. Peter Golding(The Valuable Contribution of Hot Dip Galvanizing to Sustainable Steel Construction)28 Jul 2019 Download
16. Suzuki Takeshi(Merits Obtained by Investments for Environmental Improvement in Hot - Dip Galvanizing Business and Measures to Be Used)28 Jul 2019 Download
17. Frank E. Goodwin (Update on Galvanized Reinforcing Bar for Concrete: Process, Life Prediction and Application Developments)28 Jul 2019 Download
18. Koji Takewaka(Quantitative Evaluation for Resistance of Chloride Attack on Concrete Members Using Hot Dip Galvanized rebar)28 Jul 2019 Download
19. Kuo Min Hsu ( Hot-Dip Galvanizing of Functional Structural Steels)28 Jul 2019 Download
20. HAO JIANTANG (Developments & Status of Galvanizing Plants in China)28 Jul 2019 Download
21. Hector Munoz ( HDG Process-Best Practices and Advantage of Using Alloys)28 Jul 2019 Download
22. Angela Curtis (Monetising Digital Transformation in Galvanizing industry)28 Jul 2019 Download
23. Rob White (A Galvanizer's Railway Journey from Cape Town to Simon's Town)28 Jul 2019 Download
24. Eng Jaume Grau (How to Expand the Use of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel28 Jul 2019 Download
25. Martin Van Leeuwen (When Good Is not Good Enough-Synergistic Effects of Duplex Coatings Result in Extreme Durability)28 Jul 2019 Download
26. Yukinobu Otsuki (Method of Repairing Hot-Dip Galvanizing by Cold Galvanizing Compound)28 Jul 2019 Download
27. Mingku chen (Introduction of Anti-corrosion Strategy and Galvanized Rebar Used in KinMen Bridge Project)28 Jul 2019 Download