11th APGGC 2019 is organized by TGA and support by APGGA.
Founded by galvanizing industry in Thailand. TGA objective is to giving consulting, awareness, information and understanding about galvanizing to the user and other organization who are interested. Members of the Association has formed with several sectors such as the steel industry and designed steel engineering group, in addition the architects association. TGA also associate with galvanizing association around the world closely to exchange information, knowledge and new technologies.

Asia Pacific General Galvanizers Association
The Asia Pacific General Galvanizers Association (APGGA) is the industry organization for Asia-Pacific’s general galvanizing sector. It is a group of national Associations of many of the countries of the region, along with individual galvanizers and suppliers to galvanizers in the Asia-Pacific region.

If you have any question about 11th APGGC 2109 please contact:
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