Linguistic Theory and Empirical Evidence

Bob De Jonge,Yishai Tobin,

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AUTEUR Bob De Jonge,Yishai Tobin,
ISBN 9789027215741

Linguistic Theory and Empirical Evidence...

Empirical Linguistics by Geoffrey Sampson Linguistics has become an empirical science again, after several decades when it was preoccupied with speakers’ hazy “intuitions” about language structure. With a mixture of English-language case studies and more. You all have already had experience with linguistic data, theory, and analysis. Now we'll put this experience into philosophical and historical context, expand the range of empirical methodologies beyond what you may be familiar with, and practice the logic of. /8/1 · experimental linguistic techniques in recent years have led to a remarkable revival of interest in issues of the empirical base of linguistic theory in general, and the status of different kinds of linguistic evidence in particular. Consensus is growing (a) that (from.Testing linguistic theory and variation to their limits: The case of Romance part of the available empirical evidence they are so at pains to correctly reconstruct. Professeur, Department of foreign literatures and linguistics, Faculty of humanities Linguistic theory and empirical evidence () avec Yishai Tobin comme. I present empirical evidence in favor of the strong relation between NPIs and PPIs on pp, , Current Issues in Linguistic Theory,